How To Get Better At FPS Games for the PC


How To Get Better At FPS Games for the PC

First Person Shooter (FPS) games are one of the hottest genres of games to play. If you buy one, you’ll surely have a game you can play for hours on end, with lots of people to play with. While lots of people playing FPS games is a good thing, it can also make the genre intensely-competitive. Whether you’re playing with friends in your living room or whether you’re playing with sixteen random players online, the competition is quite fierce.

More often than not, there are three to four standout players in online matches that tend to steal all the glory. Do you want to know how to gain some of this glory for yourself? The answers are quite self-explanatory and simply take time and patience. Below, we’ve listed several things that can help you pave your way to stardom in the genre of FPS games!

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  1. Practice, Practice, Practice – This is one of the most obvious ways to get better. From the specific game itself to the equipment you’re using, play more to get better! You can’t expect to win if you play sparingly. Whether it’s a matter of adjusting your eyes to your monitor or adjusting your fingers to the sensitivity of your mouse, playing more will hone your gaming abilities and help you get used to first person shooters.
  1. The Optimal Monitor and PC – Gaming computers are built for, you guessed it – gaming. They’re optimized for gamers and have the bells and whistles required for you, as an FPS gamer to succeed in your trade. You don’t have to have the most beastly machine but something like this gaming desktop under 500 dollars should be fine. With respect to the monitor itself, you’ll find that two things can profoundly improve your performance in FPS games. The refresh rate, measured in GHz, is a measure of how fast the monitor can re-feed screens back from your computer’s GPU. The higher the refresh rate, the better. A monitor with a 144 GHz refresh rate, for instance, will have smoother images and allow for a gaming environment that’s much easier on your eyes.

Another important factor to consider with the monitor you have is the monitor’s response time. The lower the response time of the monitor, the less likely images will lag on it. You’ll experience almost no blur and no trailing pixels – issues that can likely hinder your gaming experience. If you are on a budget you can find a $100 monitor with fairly low response times or check out this article for some top end monitors.

  1. The Mouse – The world of gaming mice is incredibly complex and varied, with a lot of things to take note of. While gaming mice are advanced mice, to begin with, they can be dispersed into distinct categories, based on the type of game they’re designed for. For example, we wouldn’t recommend using a mouse that’s designed for MMO gameplay for an FPS game. It would work, but it wouldn’t be advantageous.

Gaming Mice designed for FPS games are quite distinct – they often feature controls that allow the user to gain tactical advantages in battle. For instance, many feature buttons that allow for quick zoom, a handy button to use if you want to quickly scope out an enemy to kill! Having a mouse that’s designed for FPS games will surely provide you with an accessory advantage on the battlefield, and will definitely make you a more formidable FPS gamer.

  1. Aim – This might seem like a no-brainer, but having good aim is an essential part of being an expert FPS gamer, and can be decidedly complex. It boils down to practice, keeping calm, and knowing your environment. Being calm is important. If you see an enemy, your adrenaline will inevitably spike, potentially causing your mouse hand to shake. Keeping cool will keep your enemies in the grass. Knowing your environment and practice run hand-in-hand; you can’t play a game well if you’re unfamiliar with a map unless you’re a prodigal gamer born on another planet.

Finding the ideal level of mouse sensitivity is also important. You want your hand, the most important part of your aim, to be familiarized with your mouse and your weapon.

  1. Desk Height – This is a rather unheard of topic, but the height of the desk you have your mouse on can impact your posture and your ability to comfortably grip your mouse, two things that can directly impact your gaming performance. Adjustable desks are becoming more and more popular after all.

FPS games are undoubtedly one of the most played genres of video games. On the PC, FPS games are especially popular, from Call of Duty to Counterstrike. The list goes on, but one fact remains the same – competition within FPS games is fierce and it takes practice to be a player that truly stands out.

Being a standout FPS gamer requires a lot of gameplay, which will familiarize you with both the game you’re playing and the computer and accessories you’re using. The specific accessories you plan on using to play your FPS games can also impact your gaming performance, such as your monitor and your mouse.

5 skills you will need to develop to excel at FPS

First person shooter games are some of the most highly competitive video games in the world. Tens of thousands of players all compete to beat others in FPS games such as Counter-Strike. Even modern FPS games such as Overwatch demand a lot of skill to play. And if you are wondering what you will need to develop as an FPS gamer then you has come to the right place. You can learn all about the qualities that you will need to have in order to become a top FPS gamer. You should focus on the following traits to beat other players in FPS games.


  1. Quick trigger finger

The faster that you can click your mouse and pull the trigger, the higher the chances that you will be able to win at the FPS game that you are currently playing. Practice accurately aiming and firing your gun, in the FPS game that you are playing. You will need to have a responsive mouse for a quick trigger finger.

  1. Great eyes

You will need to pay attention to whatever you see on the screen if you want to survive in some FPS video games. This is because an enemy could be hiding behind something. And you will need good eyes to spot them.


  1. Hand-eye coordination

FPS games are an e-sport, and just like other sports, you will need good hand-eye coordination. This is because you will need to coordinate the movements of your hand with what you see on screen. The moment that you see an enemy, you should be ready to fire your gun or throw your weapon. This will apply to any kind of FPS video game such as Counter-Strike.


  1. Fast decision making

In FPS video games, speed counts for everything. The faster that you make decisions the better you will be at beating other players. You should try to develop speed in how you make decisions in FPS games. Seconds can count for a lot in whatever kind of shooter game that you are playing. And you may be wasting precious seconds by not making a decision fast enough.


  1. Strategic thinking

You may think that a fast-paced FPS game does not have time for strategic thinking, but you are actually wrong. You will need to plan and strategize if you would actually want to beat other players. For example, you would need to think about your moves on the map if you would like to surprise or ambush other gamers.


If you are not already good at FPS games then you can try to improve your shooting skills by focusing on developing the above skills. A good set of accessories wont make you a better player but they can help for sure. You should be able to actually dominate the other players in any FPS game that you play if you try and get better at playing shooter games, and you can do that if you focus on these skills. When you do finally get better at coordination and decision-making in FPS games, you will leave all of the other gamers in the dust. They will not be able to catch up to your awesome skills.

4 essential PC accessories for FPS gamers

Do you love playing FPS games on the PC such as Counter-strike and Overwatch? If you want to improve your skills at those FPS PC games then you will need the right PC gaming equipment as well. You will need to purchase the best gaming equipment that you can get your hands on. If you have got good PF gaming equipment that you have, the higher the chances that you will become a pro with the FPS games that you love playing. Professional Counter-Strike gamers often have access to the best gaming equipment. And you should also think about getting the same kind of equipment as well. Here are some PC gaming accessories for a good FPS experience.


  1. Mouse

Your mouse is going to be one of the most important FPS gaming accessories that you will need. After all, your hand will be on your mouse for a very long time. And for that, you will need to get a comfortable mouse to hold for longer periods of time. Make sure that the mouse is ergonomically designed so that your hand does not cramp from using it too much. The gaming mouse that you use for FPS games should also be weighted well so that you can get a good movement when you want to use it to control your gun in the game.

  1. Screen

Get a good screen if you want to excel at FPS games. You will need a wide screen with a high resolution if you would like to have the best experience. This is because a large clear gaming PC screen allows you to spot your enemies easier. It is a good idea to get a PC gaming screen that is over 20 inches, and that supports a screen resolution of 1080 full HD or higher. You will also need to get a screen that can allow you to adjust the settings for brightness and contrast so that you can get a good screen appearance that will suit your preferences.


  1. Speakers/Headphones

You will also need a good pair of headphones or some great gaming speakers as well. This is because, in FPS games, you will need to listen to the environment around your character. If you hear footsteps then you know that you have got an enemy close by and you should be on guard. And if you can hear gunshots more clearly then you may be able to tell where the shooting or fighting in the FPS game is happening. Try to get headphones that cancel out noise so that you can focus on the sounds in the game that you are playing.


  1. Mousepad

Finally, you must also get a good mouse pad if you would like to be a great FPS gamer. This is because if you do not have a mouse pad, then your movements with your mouse will not be as smooth. A mouse pad can actually help you aim more accurately in FPS games because you will have more control over your mouse. And you will also be able to swing your mouse around more smoothly if you make use of a mouse pad, this can allow you to have a more responsive gun in the game.

9 of the best FPS games of all time

First person shooter games are some of the most iconic and popular video games around. This iconic video game genre has spawned hundreds of different games that are all unique and fun to play. The games that are in the first person shooter genre are not just for action-oriented people, there are also FPS games that are geared towards people who love puzzle games or those who love a good story as well. While there have been hundreds of FPS games that have been released that have been well-receive, this article will try to cover only the best 9 out of all of those FPS games.


Perhaps one of the most well-known shooters FPS games this one has got a lot of players around the world. In this game, you get to choose between playing two teams, terrorists or counter-terrorists. And you and your team try to complete objectives in the game.

Half-Life Series

The Half-Life series of video games is one of the most iconic sci-fi video game series of all time. A strong story coupled with great world-building really lends a great atmosphere to the overall game of Half-life. Many people rank this video game series as being the best ever.


People have probably played the Doom franchise of games for decades now. This action-survival FPS game is really unique having a mix of military, shooter, sci-fi and horror elements as well. You control a marine sent to an off-world base to eliminate demons in this game.

Call of Duty 4

The call of duty video games is one of the most popular console-based FPS games in the world. Tens of thousands of players log on to their consoles to compete against other players on the internet. And you get to experience the best of call of duty, with the 4th installment of the franchise.

Battlefield video game franchise

Battlefield is another popular FPS video game for the console. It features a lot of real-world war scenarios. And there have been many other popular spin-offs with the battlefield video game series. There is Star Wars Battlefield, as part of the franchise. And this other spin-off is as popular as the main Battlefield series as well.


A great story coupled with unique gameplay make this adventure FPS game worth playing. In it, you get to experience great RPG elements that are combined with first person shooter mechanics. Plus, the storyline of the game really hooks you in. You will get to experience different alternate realities and even have to question some hard philosophical ideas when you try playing the Bioshock video game series. Currently, there are 3 games that are part of the Bioshock franchise.

Metro 2033

If you love post-apocalyptic fiction then you will love Metro 2033. This FPS game puts in a post-apocalyptic St. Petersburg. And Russia is not the only place that has been irradiated; the whole world has been as well. So your human settlement may be the last on Earth. You get to battle mutants, raiders, and even mysterious creatures to protect the human settlement.

Far Cry 4

This FPS game packs a lot of action and adventure into one single title. In Far Cry, you get to control a Mercenary who is sent to an island on a mission. If you love great graphics and excellent game mechanics then you will love Far Cry 4!


This FPS video game does Stealth game mechanics really well. And you will also love the various other gameplay features that are added into Dishonored. The huge number of gun choices in this game also makes it pretty awesome.