9 of the best FPS games of all time

First person shooter games are some of the most iconic and popular video games around. This iconic video game genre has spawned hundreds of different games that are all unique and fun to play. The games that are in the first person shooter genre are not just for action-oriented people, there are also FPS games that are geared towards people who love puzzle games or those who love a good story as well. While there have been hundreds of FPS games that have been released that have been well-receive, this article will try to cover only the best 9 out of all of those FPS games.


Perhaps one of the most well-known shooters FPS games this one has got a lot of players around the world. In this game, you get to choose between playing two teams, terrorists or counter-terrorists. And you and your team try to complete objectives in the game.

Half-Life Series

The Half-Life series of video games is one of the most iconic sci-fi video game series of all time. A strong story coupled with great world-building really lends a great atmosphere to the overall game of Half-life. Many people rank this video game series as being the best ever.


People have probably played the Doom franchise of games for decades now. This action-survival FPS game is really unique having a mix of military, shooter, sci-fi and horror elements as well. You control a marine sent to an off-world base to eliminate demons in this game.

Call of Duty 4

The call of duty video games is one of the most popular console-based FPS games in the world. Tens of thousands of players log on to their consoles to compete against other players on the internet. And you get to experience the best of call of duty, with the 4th installment of the franchise.

Battlefield video game franchise

Battlefield is another popular FPS video game for the console. It features a lot of real-world war scenarios. And there have been many other popular spin-offs with the battlefield video game series. There is Star Wars Battlefield, as part of the franchise. And this other spin-off is as popular as the main Battlefield series as well.


A great story coupled with unique gameplay make this adventure FPS game worth playing. In it, you get to experience great RPG elements that are combined with first person shooter mechanics. Plus, the storyline of the game really hooks you in. You will get to experience different alternate realities and even have to question some hard philosophical ideas when you try playing the Bioshock video game series. Currently, there are 3 games that are part of the Bioshock franchise.

Metro 2033

If you love post-apocalyptic fiction then you will love Metro 2033. This FPS game puts in a post-apocalyptic St. Petersburg. And Russia is not the only place that has been irradiated; the whole world has been as well. So your human settlement may be the last on Earth. You get to battle mutants, raiders, and even mysterious creatures to protect the human settlement.

Far Cry 4

This FPS game packs a lot of action and adventure into one single title. In Far Cry, you get to control a Mercenary who is sent to an island on a mission. If you love great graphics and excellent game mechanics then you will love Far Cry 4!


This FPS video game does Stealth game mechanics really well. And you will also love the various other gameplay features that are added into Dishonored. The huge number of gun choices in this game also makes it pretty awesome.